Turn on the color.

What is Chroma?

Chroma is a new engaging way of expressing your brand and organization through beautiful, highly-customizable, and power-efficient LED strips in an award-winning Internet of Things (IoT) system.

The Chroma Lights combine professional lighting design and agile user control to bring you the unique experience of having your very own light show.

Imagine the Possibilities

See how Chroma adds value to you.

Let Your Brand Shine

Picture shows Chroma lights in blue in front of St. louis University on Market Street. Bring on team spirit with Chroma beyond your campus. Set up decorative lighting in your branding color and hype up the events.

Take your branding to the next level by lighting it up. Chroma has endless colors and pattern combinations to offer, so make your own to match your brand colors and spirit. Animate your Chroma Lights to attrach even more attention.

  • Community, team and school spirit
  • Brand and promotion colors
  • Patterns and animations that are totally you

Picture shows St. Louis' famous Gateway arch on 4th of July, 2021. Streets are decorated with Chroma strips in red, white, and blue.

Celebrate with Color

There is always something to celebrate. Hype up the party and engage the crowd with Chroma Lights.

  • Celebrate Holidays
  • Show appreciation and awareness
  • Highlight pormotions and events

Support Local Sports Team.

Christmas Lights.

Pride Event.

Define Your Space

Make your space a landmark with Chroma Lights. Be the star of the show in the evening skyline.

  • Mark open outdoor areas, such as parks and parking lots
  • Decorate architecture
  • Illuminate entertainment districts

Picture shows St. Louis' Market Street in July. Streets are decorated with Chroma strips in the American Flag Patterns.

How Can I Turn On the Color?

Imaging what adding Chroma smart control decorative lighting can do for you.